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Books.png Manual DMXControl 3
 Important Hint The new DMXControl 3 manual will be created here soon. You can follow the progress on this page.

Table of contents

This is the english manual for the light control software DMXControl 3. Bellow you can find an overview of all articles contained in this manual. The manual is divided up into four separate parts. General information e.g. about the installation, etc. is contained in the first section. The tutorillike second part is designed for beginners who have never used a light control software like DMXControl before. The third part offers people switching to DMXControl 3 a fast way into it and contains differences between DMXControl and other light control programs. A comprehensive reference book in which all functions of DMXControl 3 are explained in detail is contained in the fourth and last section of this manual.

Part 1: General

Chapter 1.1: Foreword
Chapter 1.2: Introduction

Chapter 1.3: Installation

Part 2: getting started

Chapter 2.1: The userinterface
Chapter 2.2: The first fixtures
Chapter 2.3: Control of complex fixtures
Chapter 2.4: Use of interfaces
Chapter 2.5: Property grid / effects / fanning

Chapter 2.6: First saved scenes
Chapter 2.7: The Softdesk
Chapter 2.8: The Audioanalyzer
Chapter 2.9: The demo-project

Part 3: Changing to DMXControl

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Part 4: Comprehensive reference book

Chapter ??:
Chapter ??:
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Chapter ??:
Chapter X: DDF
Chapter X: The Softdesk

The manual of DMXControl 3.0 written by DMXControl Projects e.V. is provided under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany license.