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Picture 1: The figure editor
Picture 1: The figure editor

The figure editor is, sub module which one in DMXControl 2.X one the movement scenes editor in turn one sub module the cue module or the chaser module represents.


The figure library is managed in the upper part of the tool. Before a figure can be edited, this must drop down be selected from it or over the button « Add » being made newly.

The points are edited in the middle part in which you can use four standard forms as exit figure. One can provide the number of points (dissolving). Of course a figure can be prepared also from individual points. Simply clicking with the left mouse button to the sign field to this. Points simply can be moved with the mouse. To delete points, one pushes the button « Points delete » and select the points to be deleted after that. By means of the checking box « Show numbering » one can make a summary of the complexity of the figure to himself fast and also points for the offset in the movement cues exactly identify editor. At pushing the button « Repeat backwards » is the number of points doubled and the numbering continued in reversed order. So a ping Pong figure which still can be adapted after that is realized fast.

(The picture shows a figure which drives a circle by means of this function first and draws an even star on the way back.)

The figure is saved automatically as soon as the window with click „OK“you close.


  • To avoid jerk, one should draw figures if possible always closed therefore the last point should lie nearby the first one.
  • The random figure is an elegant opportunity Movinglights simply to let bonce in the disco wildly without it looking monotonous.
  • Editor shall be used for several devices in a cue with offset, the figure the figure must have at least so many points as offset steps are needed if the in motion cues.


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