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The association DMXControl Projects e.V. welcomes you to this wiki. In addition to the information on the project homepage and our forum, we would like to give you the best possible support and supplement to the free DMXControl software, including all partner projects.

Useful Pages

In the following you will find some links to wiki articles that are either heavily frequented, represent current club activities or contain useful information on various topics relating to DMXControl and all partner projects.

DMXControl 2 / 3

Around DMXControl 3 there are several areas with different main topics:

  • The DMXControl 3 manual itself, where the various program functions are explained comprehensively in the articles of the same name.
  • A continuously growing series of video tutorials on our YouTube channel, structured according to the approach after starting DMXControl 3 for the first time.
  • The tutorial for DMXControl 3 in written form, divided into 24 lessons.
  • The documentation for creating your own DDFs for DMXControl 3 with numerous examples for the implementation as well as the description of the DDFCreator 3.

The DMXControl 2 manual offers useful information for DMXControl 2 and helps both beginners and advanced users to operate our lighting control software.

The DMX interfaces that can be used with both programs are listed on the Supported Interfaces page.

Hardware / Interfaces

If you have just gotten into lighting technology and are about to decide which interface is the right one for your own needs, the decision-making aid article can provide useful information. In addition, there are some articles about different interfaces and their integration into DMXControl in the interface category.

Club Events

After more than two years with a total of three virtual meetings on the World Wide Web, the time had come for the external circumstances to allow a real meeting. We were last able to see each other at our anniversary in Berlin. Now we went to the Magdeburg Börde for the first time, more precisely to the work and culture barn in Loitsche. This small town with around 600 inhabitants is a good 30 km north of Magdeburg. You can read about everything that happened during this time in our report on the 2021-2 annual meeting.


Our project was featured in VPLT magazine issue 69. The online version of this issue can be downloaded from the VPLT homepage. Further links to this article can be found in the wiki article "10 years of DMXControl".

Wiki Help

In order to be able to create new wiki articles, one should know the basic syntax and the design rules for articles in the DMXControl wiki. All articles that contain explanations on these topics are summarized in the Help category and can be accessed from there.

Current DMXControl 3


Input Assignment

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DDF Documentation

Current reports