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In this lesson we explain how to apply presets. By re-using presets you are more efficiently when programming your show.

Lecture 13: Presets

Presets are very similar to cues. You can create them in the same way (see Lesson 8). Similar to the button "Create cue," here you find the button "Create preset". You can use presets to store different values for the parameters of your fixtures. You can store:

  • moving light positions
  • colors of RGB Pars
  • combination of gobo, shutter on and color
  • generic chasers (where you later only replace/modify the color)
  • or simply intensities of your conventional fixtures
  • etc.

The big advantage of using presets is, that it's referenced data. That means whenever you record a cue using presets, a link to the preset is stored, and not the actual values. So keep in mind, that if you change your preset, all cues that use this preset will use the new values. A simple example where presets can rapidly speed up programming would be: You've recorded a color of your cyclorama wash as a preset and used this preset in five cues. If you later decide to modify the cyclorama wash a bit, you just need to update one preset, instead of five cues. However, if you just want to change the color in one cue you can do that by overwriting the reference with manual data.

Picture 1: Presets
Picture 1: Presets

Recording Presets

To record a preset (i.e. record entries in programmer or parts of it) use the "Store Preset" Button in the preset window. The programmer filter will show. This gives you the ability to choose what to record. See Lesson 8 to learn how to use the programmer filter. After you press OK in the programmer filter, a new preset will be recorded. You can now use F2 (or click into name field) to rename it.

Modifying Presets

If you want to modify an existing preset, select the preset you want to modify and click on the arrow to the right of the "Add Preset" button. A menu will pop up, where you can choose how to modify the preset.


Replace will remove all existing entries from the preset and save everything that is in the programmer to the preset.


Entries that are not in the programmer but in the preset, are not touched. Existing entries will be updated and missing ones will be added


Entries that are in the programmer, but not in the preset, will be appended to the preset. Entries that are in the programmer, and in the preset, will stay untouched in the preset.


Entries that are in the programmer, and also exist in the preset, will be removed from the preset. However keep in mind, the new value is not subtracted from the old, but rather, the whole property will be removed from the preset.

Deleting Presets

Select the preset you want to delete, then press Delete or use the context menu, -> Delete Preset.

Applying Presets

You can "drag&drop" a preset into your cue list. A new cue is created. You can set timing and triggers for this cue. The name will start with "--> ". However, you can rename it to what you want. The complete preset will be played back when you use this cue.

Applying Presets for Selected Fixtures Only

Select the fixtures you want to apply your preset to. Then double-click on the preset you want to use. The entry will show up in the Programmer window. Keep in mind, if you store this to a cue, it is not the actual values that are stored, but a reference to this preset. So if you change something in your preset, the changed values will be used everywhere that you used this preset.

Applying Selected Properties of Presets

It is also possible to use only a selected property from the preset, and not the whole preset. Select all fixtures and drag&drop the preset to the property you want use in property grid. The values for the property will show up in the programmer

Applying Selected Parameters of Presets for Selected Fixtures Only

You can also apply only a selected property of your preset to selected fixtures only. First select your fixtures, then drag&drop the preset to the properties you want to use in the property grid. The value for the selected property of the selected fixtures will show up in the programmer window

Applying a Preset for Fixtures that are Not in the Preset

Also you can use a Preset to set a property of a fixture that has no value stored in the preset to a value from the preset. First a short example: A preset with some RGB Par-cans are set to a color. Later you want your moving lights change to the same color as your RGB Par-cans. You might do this by remembering, or looking up this color. But, there is a third possibility. Select your fixtures, in this example you moving lights, and move your preset (drag&drop) to the property grid. Now hold "Ctrl" key down and drop your preset to the color property of your fixture. The color of your fixture will be set to the last found value of the used property in your preset. I.e., the filtering of devices is switched off by the "Ctrl" key.


Of course there are shortcuts that help to increase save time working with presets. But if you use shortcuts, the programmer filter will not be used.


Tip 1: By activating the "highlight" button the selected preset is shown in the live view.

Tip 2: By applying fanning in a preset you can use it for smaller or larger device groups with amazing effects.


1) Create a preset "yellow" and use it per drag&drop in Stage View
2) Use some presets in your cue list

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