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Books.png Stage Effect (DDF-Syntax) DMXC3 Article describes
DMXControl 3.2.2

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Table of Contents
Part 1: Basics
Part 2: Functions
Part 3: Procedures
Part 4: Examples

Stage effects include fog and wind generated by a fan. Control of these functions in DMXControl 3 is exclusively through the Device Control.


The fog function controls the intensity of fog output, both in simple fog machines and hazers.

Variant Code
Standard with continuous increase of fog output
<fog dmxchannel="0" />

Fog output on channel 1 with linearly increasing intensity.

Fog output adjustable only in a partial range
<fog dmxchannel="0">
  <step type="stop" mindmx="0" maxdmx="0" />
  <range type="fog" mindmx="32" maxdmx="255" minval="50" maxval="100" />

Fog output on DMX channel 1:

  • No fog output at DMX value between 0 and 31.
  • Fog output with increasing intensity from 50% at DMX value 32 to 100% at DMX value 255.


The fan function controls the airflow of a fan. This can be either the fan in a hazer or a DMX-controlled wind machine.

Variant Code
Adjustable fan speed
<fan dmxchannel="0" />

Fan on DMX channel 1 with increasing speed from 0% at DMX value 0 to 100% at DMX value 255.

Switched fan
<fan dmxchannel="0">
  <step val="false" mindmx="0" maxdmx="127" />
  <step val="true" mindmx="128" maxdmx="255" />

Switched fan on DMX channel 1:

  • Fan off at DMX value between 0 and 127.
  • Fan on at DMX value between 128 and 255.