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The device list contains all devices (DDF's) used in the project, and lists them with several associated parameters.

Picture 1: Device list
Picture 1: Device list


The most important aspect of a dmx show is the available equipment as well as their position in the DMX universe graphical view The list is column based and sortable. The device list can also be copied to clipboard.

The device names can be renamed, and the DMX address can be set (either in the decimal or binary system). In addition, the x and y positions are shown, in case these are unclear in the graphic stage view.

Further configuration of each device can be set by pressing « Configure » after highlighting a device in the window. A detailed description can be found in the chapter 4 graphic one stage view.

Adding equipment is done by pressing the button « Add ».

Color and Gobo lists

DMXControl also provides the possibility of working with Color and Gobo lists. One can lay out different lists for a different devices or also at scanners and movingheads which these have exchanged colors or gobos for themselves which then are assigned to the device. The advantage is that one doesn't have to change the device definition file every time but can assign the new colors or Gobos via the Color and Gobo lists.

The construction of a Color or Gobo list new to one is carried out in the menu « Configuration » with the two menu items « Color lists » and « Gobo lists » The assignment of the prepared lists is, in which, at the corresponding points which Color or Gobo list select by drop down carried out one in the device configuration.

Also have to the function be input for Color and Gobo lists in the corresponding device definition file so that the whole also really works.


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