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Picture 1: DMXControl 2 Startscreen


We introduce the freeware DMXControl 2. DMXControl 2 is a powerful and comprehensive software package for PC based control of your DMX lighting equipment. The project DMXControl can be obtained from the DMXControl website[1] and is part of a charitable association DMXControl Projektes e. V.[2].

The manual covers the operation of the individual parts of the software together with useful tips. Furthermore there are several Tutorials (here) around DMXControl at your disposal with step for step instructions and support from the DMXControl forum[3] for requests and suggestions.

This manual is aimed both at beginners using DMX software for the first time and advanced users who just need help with certain functions. The individual program modules of DMXControl 2 are described in the front part of the manual, with detailed descriptions of the module operation. Articles in the back of the manual relate to popular Plugins, a glossary and list of DMX controllers / dongles supported by DMXControl 2.

Structure and Conventions

The manual of DMXControl 2 is designed to be read like a book so that you can scroll through the individual chapters. Each article has navigation bars for easy navigating and reviewing.

Pic 2: Navigation bar with closed chapter overview

Furthermore the navigation bars provide an expanding view of the chapters with links to the corresponding articles.

Picture 3: Navigation bar with expanded chapter overview

The articles have a uniform layout with a view to providing clear and concise information . Each article begins with a short review of the function of the module and how it can be used. A more detailed explanation of the module follows, with useful tips to speed up the learning process.

All buttons, menu items and window names use following scheme: «Text»
The flags of the commands as well are represented as follows in the text: «Flag»
File and list paths are stressed by a non-proportional document in apostrophes: "...\DMXControl\DMXControl.exe"

Single notes, warnings and references are emphasized with special boxes :

 Important Hint Useful notes and more detailed information

  Important hint Notes on important program functions.

 Attention Very important notes which can lead to malfunctions of DMXControl 2

 Advanced information References to third partly information.

We welcome constructive suggestions and notes regarding the software and manual with a view to improving these further. Suggestions for improvements to the software can be entered in the DMXControl forum[3]. You can send these suggestions to the DMXControl bug tracking system[4] also as a request with the broad consent from. Please use the "Handbuch DMXC2" area for remarks about the manual in the bug tracking system[5]. Even though the bug tracking system is in german you can send suggestions in english.

We hope you have a lot of fun with DMXControl 2 and hope that it allows you to get closer to perfecting that 'perfect' Lightshow .

  Important hint We still look for support of native speakers for the English Wiki, because we are a German project.
If you interested to cooperated with us, you can send us a request under[[1]].

Your DMXControl team

Manual authors


DMXControl Projects e.V.
Beuthener Straße 8b
13125 Berlin Germany


  • Frank Burghardt
  • Jens-Peter Kühn
  • Julien Mintenbeck
  • Uwe Prenner


  • Ron Uccellini


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