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The plugin interface makes it possible to extend DMXControl by additional functions by plugins. Plugins can be downloaded [1] from the DMXControl main side. As special plugins, the beamer tool of Zoidberg and the MadMaxOne Plugin by Frank Brüggemann shall here be mentioned.

  Important hint These aren't same Plugins and output plugins and are stored in different lists. output plugins help merely the communication of DMXControl with the attached DMX interface.

plugins provide DMXControl with extended and additional functions.


Plugins are simply in the directory of plugins in the DMXControl program directory after the download unzip. Then, the plugin in the plugin administration can be configured and enabled after takeoff from DMXControl.


Picture 1: Window plugin administration
Picture 1: Window plugin administration

At the opening of the plugin administration under « Configuration », « Plugins. . . » menu item menu opens the window of the « plugin administration » (see fig. 1).

All under DMXControl, in the plugin directory of installed plugins, are displayed in the plugin administration. The plugins are displayed in a list control, a checkbox enables or disables the plugin located in each plugin namen.

The button is below the list Provided that the plugin offers the possibility of a configuration, can here by choice « configure chosen plugin » the with the mouse and click on the badge the configuration window of the plugins be opened.

Below the button « configure chosen plugin » the button is Here users can release « Enable Plugins for users without administration privileges & raquo; these don't have any administration privileges at the PC, avoid this here.

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