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With DMXControl 2 you get a program for the arrangement and control of your light show. You can control DMX equipment like a dimmer, LED PAR Can or Moving Heads from the computer with this program. DMXControl 2 has two special program modules which can be used for many different fields of application. From private parties to fully computer-controlled Christmas Lighting, DMXControl 2 has simple and complex features to suit discotheques or at events like choir, theater or musicals.

Important features

The most important performance features of DMXControl 2 are:

  • (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), runs on different Windows versions
  • support 1024 output channels (at 2 interfaces with 512 channels) and 512 input channels
  • support the DMX512 protocol for different DMX interfaces is () a current list available on the project home page [1]
  • supports the ArtNet protocol and different interfaces like MIDI, DMX-in (if supported by the DMX interface)
  • stores configurations, elements and options as part of a Project
  • provides a graphical representation of the lighting configuration (stage)
  • different sound to Light syncronisation options
  • selectable special feature options for complex lights like moving heads and scanners
  • scheduler for time controlled events, such as a certain date, time, duration and repetition.
  • script and scene lists for the control of theatre and musical events
  • open interfaces for expansion of the program functionality (OSC, serial interface, TCP-IP)


DMXControl 2 is a freeware project which means you can use the program free of cost for your own use. If you would like to support the project financially, you can send DMXControl Projects e. V. a donation on our organization website[1].

The project isn't, however, an OpenSource project, and the source code of the program is not available publicly. Publication of the source code would lead to a confused mass as in the case with many OpenSource projects, with poor version control being a significant disadvantage. To prevent this, the source code of DMXControl 2 is accessible only to the programming team. This approach leads to a joined up development team producing and reliable good quality software. A modular construction with many different interfaces for Plugins is a feature of the software. In addition, the programming team is open to offers of help to increase their capabilities in the long run. If you are seriously interested in improving DMXControl 2 further, please contact us.

DMXControl's developers are always happy to receive feedback to further develop the program for different event types. You can send requests and ideas here in the DMXControl Wiki and also in the DMXControl forum[2] with other users from the exchange community.  

Links and references


  1. DMXControl Projects e.V.:
  2. DMXControl Forum:
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