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The interface between DMX equipment to be steered DMXControl and this one is realized about a DMX interface. This changes the signals of the PC into the DMX protocol. 512 channels are called as a universe. The interface is mentioned about an output plugin which must be configured in DMXControl. The same applies to a Visualizer, the interface, however, is here „virtual“.


Since DMXControl shall work with as many transmitters as possible, these are mentioned about (expandable) Plugins. At the program start DMXControl tries to tie these in his contents directory after files with the ending "out.dll" and tempted. The user can add new interfaces (also called transmitters) so by simply copying files into this list.

Picture 1: The output plugin window
Picture 1: The output plugin window

Several transmitters also can be used parallel. To this is corresponding to provide all required interface plugins with a hooklet in the version plugin configuration menu. This can make sense since problems with single transmitters can appear as experience shows at a cheap devices. So one can form different DMX chains with the more favorable combination. Either one lets distribute on all transmitters all values (per default) or one divides up address ranges if the transmitters support start addresses.

Maintenance of the button « Configure selected plugin » is the button « Enable Plugins for users without administration privileges » Users who don't have any administration rights at the PC can avoid this here.


Configure selected plugin:
Some interface Plugins permit the attitude of 'Low level' parameters, such as break times. E.g. one should ask about the meaning here in appropriate sources e.g. http://www.soundlight.de/techtips/dmx512/dmx512.htm

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If you have developed an interface of your own, you can simply write an Ausgabeplugin of your own and therefore use the interface together with DMXControl relatively.

As a starting point for her own implementation you can example Plugins download (Visual BASIC 6) here. The Visual BASIC example is commented on extensively and describes the version Plugin mechanism.

For the download no registration is necessary among us but it would be very beautiful if you get in touch with us if you have written a new Plugin. We can remain up to date about the available drivers and indicate these on the home page only in such a way. Many thanks!

Visual Basic 6.0 Demoplugin mit DMX-In

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