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 Important Hint The DMXControl 2 manual is now basicaly translated in english. But there are many grammatical issues in it (because they were translated automaticaly). So please help us to improve those articles (chapter 6 to chapter 32) and change incorrect sentences. If there are any unintelligible sentences you don't understand, you can contact us, the documentation-team under or under

Table of content

This is the english manual of the lighting control software DMXControl 2. Below you will find an overview of all the articles contained in this manual.

Chapter 1: Foreword
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: Installation
Chapter 4: Control center
Chapter 5: Graphical view
Chapter 6: Devices
Chapter 7: Output plugins
Chapter 8: Channel overview
Chapter 9: Scenes
Chapter 10: Cue list
Chapter 11: Chasers tool
Chapter 12: Submaster
Chapter 13: Master
Chapter 14: Sound analyzer
Chapter 15: BeatTool
Chapter 16: CommandBox
Chapter 17: Audioplayer
Chapter 18: Timecode player
Chapter 19: Textbook
Chapter 20: Command line

Chapter 21: Scheduler
Chapter 22: Motion cue Editor
Chapter 23: Shape editor
Chapter 24: PDA remote control
Chapter 25: Keyboard control
Chapter 26: Joystick control
Chapter 27: MIDI remote control
Chapter 28: DMXIn remote control
Chapter 29: Program settings
Chapter 30: Plugins
Chapter 31: Pack And Go Function
Chapter 32: DDF basics
Appendix 1: Glossary
Appendix 2: Command overview

The manual of DMXControl 2 written by DMXControl Projects e.V. is provided under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany license.